here you'll find different themes for a quick change of the way your SkipStone looks, if you would like to submit one, email me. To install those themes, just untar them in SkipStone's share/pixmaps directory, Normally /usr/local/share/skipstone/pixmaps. Open a new window and go to preferences->themes and select the theme you just untarred.

Please note that starting SkipStone 0.9.2 - all files should be in PNG format so if you download a theme - you must convert the files first - I will update the files at some point as well.

  • Black by Brand Huntsman

  • Ximian by John Mcknight

  • SilverStone by Phill Morris

  • GoldStone by Phil Morris

  • Konqueror by HeX

  • Chrome by halt

  • Revamped by Egggman

  • Antarctic by Egggman

  • Microgui by Egggman

  • Aqua Blue by Eric Yang

  • Aqua White by Eric Yang

  • Gnome by Tigert

  • Mozilla by Taras Glek

  • Gold gradient by kNIGits

  • Pixels by ZogGop