Those of you who would like to follow the development of SkipStone can check it out of cvs for up to the minute updates.

CVS Information:

  • export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.muhri.net:/home/cvsroot
  • cvs login
  • hit enter (no password);
  • cvs -z3 co skipstone
  • next time you want to update just do a cvs update -dP inside your skipstone directory that you checked out earlier.

    If you are interested in getting email about commits made to SkipStone (the same list has commits of Pronto! also). You can subscribe to the cvs commit list by sending an email to cvs-subscribe@muhri.net with the following in the subject: subscribe

    If you would like to submit a patch, you can email me directly or email the cvs list if the patch is less then 40k.

    for questions and other discuession issues, you can sub to SkipStone's dicuession list, send an email to skipstone-subscribe@muhri.net with the following in the subject line: subscribe

    to unsub from the list, send an email to skipstone-unsubscribe@muhri.net