The latest stable version seems to be 1.0.1 - ChangeLog.

  • Note that skipstone plugins are only included in the source packages, you must compile your own plugins always for now. If you write a plugin for SkipStone, please feel free to submit it for inclusion to me or to the list

    If you would like to contribute a compiled skipstone for your distribution/arch please feel free to do so by emailing me.

    User Sven-Ola Contributed binaries of Skipstone for running on the Mood-300 IPTV box which can be found here. He also contributed two screenshots of SkipStone running on the Mood-300 which you can checkout in the screenshots page.

    Puppy Linux users, please go here for packages. Also there are active disucssions on the puppy linux forums with regard to Skipstone and the various versions of Puppy.

    The Suse RPM's have been contributed by Stefan Bauer, Email him for any request.

  • Source Tarball: skipstone-1.0.1.tar.gz
  • Source RPM for Suse 10.0: skipstone-0.9.6-1.stb.suse100.src.rpm
  • Binary RPM for Suse 10.0 i586: skipstone-0.9.6-1.stb.suse100.i586.rpm