SkipStone News

2008-02-04 - posted by: muhri

Released SkipStone 1.0.0 with few bug fixes and ability to use Apple WebKit rendering engine.

2008-01-27 - posted by: Muhri

SkipStone 0.9.9 is released. Various bug fixes from Printing, global pixmap location and fixes to window closure and crash recovery.

2008-01-22 - posted by: muhri

Released SkipStone 0.9.8 with a new full screen feature and auto detection of configure time libraries (firefox or xul) sometimes they require compat libraries. Also, posted new shots courtesy of Sven-Ola with SkipStone running on the Mood M300 IPTV box along with a link to his binaries in the download section.

2008-01-20 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.9.7 is released

2006-04-04 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.9.6 Released

2004-06-28 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.9.3 is out - Please read the ChangeLog then download.

2004-06-04 - posted by: muhri

Beta of SkipStone for Gtk+ 2.0 along with support for Mozilla 1.6 has been released. Please test it. Download. Please note it is still buggy and I am working on it. You are more than welcome to submit your reports to skipstone at muhri.net

2002-06-25 - posted by: muhri

Released 0.83

2002-05-10 - posted by: muhri

Released SkipStone 0.8.2 and added two New themes.

2002-03-28 - posted by: muhri

Some fixes were applied and a patch for some internatilization issues that made me think another release is needed, what are you waiting for!!! GET IT!

2002-03-27 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.8.0 is out, check the ChangeLog for Full details.

2001-12-28 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.7.8 is out, check the ChangeLog for Full details.

2001-11-30 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.7.7 is out, check the ChangeLog for Full details.

2001-06-11 - posted by: muhri

SkipStone 0.7.3 is out with lotsa new goodies, check the ChangeLog for Full details.

2001-04-13 - posted by: muhri

Released SkipStone 0.7.2, check the ChangeLog

2000-10-10 - posted by: muhri

Skipstone 0.6 is out, major new feature is the tabbed browsing which I personally think is totally sweet, look here for an example shot, and best of all - you can switch between the two interfaces windowed or tabbed as you please, check the ChangeLog for more info

2000-09-28 - posted by: muhri

I knew it was coming, and it had to be done, there is a SkipStone discuession list now on muhri.net, look here for info

2000-09-23 - posted by: muhri

Well Nathan drew us a new banner so Michael made a new page for SkipStone, totally cool and much nicer than the old plain one, thanks guys.