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How do I get help/support?

First check the documentation included with the distribution, especially the INSTALL and ChangeLog files.

Pronto! has a mailing list also, you can send your question to, if you aren't subscribed to the list, please point that out so you can be cc'ed the answer. However, subscribing to the list is encourged, to subscribe to Pronto!'s mailing list send an email to with the following in the subject:

"subscribe", to unsubscribe send an email to

Here is a checklist of helpful information to include in bug/problem reports:

  • gtk version
  • gtk-perl version
  • Pronto! version (and how did you install it)
  • distribution
  • database you're using, if any

There is also a IRC Channel on at #pronto - point your favorite IRC Client to #pronto and ask questions.