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What does it look like?

Here are some screenshots:

This is the main window of Pronto. The tool bar can display icons, text, or icons/text. One can also remove the view message pane and have it displayed in a seperate window. Pronto! is also themeable, meaning you can user custom icons.
This is what the message composition window looks like. Notice the spellcheck window...
This is the account editor you use to add/delete mail accounts.
The window that lists your mail accounts and properties you defined for them.
Your custom address book. Pronto! supports name aliases so you can type Joe Walker and have the mail sent to jwalker@something.somewhere.
Edit your own mimetypes. In Pronto! you can specify what program is used to view what file format.
Filter out that unwanted Spam! With Filters, you can specify what folders new mail goes to. Keep your inbox from getting cluttered.
What would be complete without an official About window!
This is an alternate view of the main window, with the view pane hidden, when in this mode, Pronto! will open a seperate view window, good setup for people with conservative resolutions.