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Changes from 2.2.6 to 2.4.0

- Fixed child folder creation - Added support for pop3/smtp retrival via an http-proxy that supports the connect command - Fixed GnuPG support and added support for decrypt/verify - Fixed DB mail storage in case of failure - Saving Attachments / Messages remembers the directory now. - Fixed saving Attachments with spaces in their names. - Improved account dialog making it smaller to fit in smaller screens. - Made forward attachments the default pref. - Fixed addressbook sortying again. - Added a pref to forget GnuPg passphrase, on by default. - Changed the date to whats belived to be the RFC standard format. - SMTP ports can be configured now. like so server:port - Filters that move to the outbox are fixed. - Dictionary for spelling can be picked now.

Changes from 2.2.5 to 2.2.6

- Fixed Date sorting after the billionth second passed of unix time, due to Gtk+ sorting alphabatically. - Applied a patch from James A. Pyrich that fixes deletion of folders and updates thier sibilings accordingly. - Fixed line style of threads not being respected when toggling threaded and unthreaded view. - Fixed search button appearing when switching threads and non threads while viewing a virtual folder. - https:// urls are highlighted and clickable in all widgets now. - A new undo feature that reverts deletions. Remembers the last delete action and undoes it. Disabled by default, enable from the advanced config node. - Added a help->mail support menuitem in the compose window that inserts address and the userinfo in the body of the message for ease of sending a bug or a question. - Some fixes to dir remembering in attachment dialog. - Fixed addressbook supporting. - Fixed reply to all was broken in some cases. - Pronto decodes attachment names if they are encoded now, patch from Federico Heinz . - Config dialog is only opened once and raised if opened. - Toolbar buttons are completely configurable now (just like skipstone's toolbar buttons) you can choose which buttons appear in the toolbar. See the Toolbar Node in the config window. - Reworked the config code to make it easier to add new config nodes, patch by Federico also, and some fixes by me. - Updated NL translations from Koos Pol. - Respect user's pref of thread style in CList view windows. - Drag and drop support into the composers to:, cc: and bcc: fileds, tested with GnomeCard. - Other small bugfixes and code enhancements.

Changes from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5

- New Splash screen from Phil M (marmot). - APOP was timing out all the time because of the re-arrangement, fixed. - Storing Messages in the db for Pg/Remote connections enabled now. You must use Pg 7.1 and DBD::Pg 0.96 or higher for this to work. Read the ChangeLog for more info. - Fixed tabs not showing in a message when using an HTML widget. - Patch from Zach Bean to push LIST command down the list when doing a pop3 check so that we dont get an ERR no messages. - Jeff updated the install file to refelct the recent release of PgSQL 7.1 - More safety while doing folder operations if the folder tree is detached and destroyed. - Attaching files from the file selection widget was broken in locales other than english ones, fixed. - CList view in unthreaded mode was broken due to a missing "&", fixed. - German translations updated from Christian

Changes from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4

- Addressbook sorting was dropped when we replaced the addressbook, thats back. - A small fix to reply-to-list to scrub away cruft from list headers. - Pronto is now fully i18n enabled, if you want to use Pronto in your native locale if the translations are avaiable, you need to install Locale::gettext module from Export the correct LC_MESSAGES variable and pronto will start in your locale. Thanks for Koos Pol . - New folder dialog entry grabs focus by default. - Assume text/plain on broken text only mail headers. - modularized in prepration for IMAP/nonblocking socket fetching. - Message compose sessions are autosaved now, in case of a crash you can always go back to the compose window and choose file->restore and choose the session you were composing (they can be multiple). Please make a directory called sessions in ~/.pronto if you are upgrading. This option can be toggled on/off too from the advanced config section. - Added more search fields to the search dialog. - Ability to Detach the FolderTree and reattach it. Can be done from the menu or a column widget on the new folder column. - Ability to open more than one view for multiple folders, right click on a folder and choose open in a new view. - Reply headers are more configurable now, patch from Michael Clifford . - German translations from - MsOutlook 2000 addressbook conversion script to Pronto's Addressbook from Adam Warner - can be found in migration-scripts dir. - Pronto now remembers the last dir that was used to attach files from. - Patch from Dan to fix some return receipt behavior when a message is sent to multiple receipents and return receipt is requested. - Tooltips are configurable on/off (Config->view). - Fixed dbswitch script (will only work if your db is up to date for 2.2.x) so that people can switch from CSV to db drivers in less hassle. - Fix for urls that have commas in them "," getting cutt off. - Fixed Re: and Fw: being repeated in Cpronto. - Clear the screen when quiting Cpronto. - bodytext2db migration-scripts fixed up in prepation for Pg support for MsgIndb. Patch from Jeff Duffy - Where there are boxlist combos, they are sorted now. - Pronto compose message attachment clist accepts dragged files from an Xdnd compatible file manager. Tested with Nautilus/GMC/EFM. - The file selection widget used to attach files, can accept multiple files now instead of one by one.

Changes from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3

- Drag and Drop from MessageList to FolderTree - use ctrl to drag multiple messages, Read the ChangeLog in the distro for more info.

Changes from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2

- Installer fixes, uses HTTP mirror by default now, and no longer hangs on HTML::Parser Makefile. - Readpane is cleared when the last message in a folder is deleted or trash is emptied. - When finding an existing db just create pronto directories if not found. - Addressbook focus tracking, just focus on the field you want and double click on an address and it will be filled right automagically. - Xmailer header contains os now (for us to know ;-)). - New option to slice signatures on reply (advanced section of config). - Invalid date messages get assigned a current download timestamp so it no longer messes up sorting. - New splash screen from Phil Morris, Thanks Phil. (Can be turned off). - \r\n friendly importing. - Progressbar when downloading pop3 mail via slow connection did not redraw well sometimes, improved. - Limit on fields removed for real db users. - URLS are quoted before passed on to the user's prefered browser. - Pg addressbook had a missing field, fixed now. - Verbose error patch from Troy, can be turned off for those who dont want it. - Fix for send / reply_all when friendly name has a "," in it. - Added date case for dates with empty () "yes happens sometimes, what broken mailers !!!" - Pronto is smarter about determining a users html widget now. - New option to view in an HTML window even though a prefered mode is text widget (ctl-m). - some small warnings fixed. - RPM is noarch as it always should have been since its perl code!

Changes from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1

- APOP support, requires DIGEST::MD5.
- Re-wrote config dialog to use a CTree instead of notebook. Cleaner.
- Advanced options section in config for avanced users.
- Some small fixes to message enocding.
- Small fix to signature switching when you use an external program to
  generate signatures.
- Delete key deletes messages - no matter what your accel is.

Changes from 2.0.1 to 2.2.0

- Completely re-written Addressbook
- Key Editor
- CPronto completely revamped.
- Lots of new key shortcuts to functions
- New feature reply to list (alt-l)
- Messages can be stored in the actual database now (MySQL users only and
  you need to run bodytext2db script for this after you turn the option on)
- Ability to connect to different hosts (db users only)
- Font styles are back for new and read messages ( Gtk::Perl 0.7003 required ).
- Subject thread mode (s) which can thread respecting only the subjects so
  that emails sent with broken mailers can be threaded correctly.
- Child threads can display arrows indicating a thread instead of the whole
  subject again.
- XUIDL support (pop only)
- Mail limit when downloading mail (pop only)
- Server control functions with mail stored on the server or partialy
  downloaded (pop only)
- Fixed a bug that affected pop users where mail would get split in
  situations where the server would not quote From
- Fixed Folder reordering (it did not stay as ordered in some situations)
- Fixes to launching a browser that is not Netscape
- Massive cleanups
- Fixed a bug where Pronto would die if GPG was not found
- Fixed a bug where Pronto would die if connection could not be established
- Pronto now removes extra chars like () from addresses before replying.
- VFolders and search results can be exported to MBOX format just like
  regular folders.
- Addressbook looks better for an address before duplicating it.
- Sort by subject removes Re's now when sorting and puts it back in later.
- You can override Account specific signatures (which allows for external
  programs to be ran that output signatures to STDIN and pronto woudl use that)
- When creating a filter from a message, there is a checkbox to apply it
  immediately now.
- Search has a progressbar and a stop button to cancel it when searching for
  strings in the body.
- Reply All can include or execlude you alt-i to include and alt-w to execlude
- Fixed some positioning problems when refreshing vfolders.
- Fixed Rename folder where it did not update in all places before a restart.
- Don't lock imported mboxes (careful wiht importing actual mboxes that can
 be appneded to now)
- New option - empty trash on exit.
- Help -> my info outputs useful info for debugging when users would like to
 report some strange behavior.
- Tabbing from the subject to the text widget works now.
- You can choose you expander style for threads now and the folder tree
  inherits that along wiht the line style.
- Next unread expands the whole thread when moving to a thread that contains
  new messages now.
- Fixed style usage, too many were created and unneeded.
- strip mailto: that gets passed from some programs such as gnome url handler.
- No more jumping around when arrow keys are used in entries of the compose
- misc stuff in GPG support.
- Trizillion other little bug fixes and things that users may not be
   concerned about and stuff that I forgot about :), enjoy.

Changes from 2.0.1

Lots of spelling fixes for calls, thanks to

Changes from 1.2.3 to 2.0:

- Re-wrote Pronto to use modules instead of being monlothic. Faster and
  memory efficent.
- A lot of repetitive code was eliminated thanks to the  re-write.
- Fixed a CSV bug where headers from the header panel would disappear after a 
  send and receive.
- Fixed a bug where after configuring pronto, it would exit if a user did
  not have an html widget installed.
- Fixed importing into send mail to use the correct information when
  displaying the TO header in the clist.
- You can bcc without TO now.
- Send and Get processes can be internal to the parent process or forked
  like before. 
- Selected Folder & Message are preserved after a layout switch or a widget
- Optimized viewing large messages.
- Fixed a bug in reply to all where it would repeat the list you are
  replying to twice in the TO field and right clicking on the reply-all
  button now yeilds two options, include self or remove self, the default
  action of just hiutting reply-all is remove self.
- Workarounds for Gtk::Perl bugs when deleting/moving messages. Gtk::Perl
  used to crash with an error before that.
- Lots of GPG updates.
- TrueRegex filters are back - migration script needed.
- If adobe-helvetica is not found, dont barf, use fixed font instead in hope
  its found !

changes from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3:
- No dependance on Netscape or Mozilla for external browser.
- A small bug fix that affected XmHTML users Only.

changes from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2:

- Layout changes from view->layout
- Text/Html and vice versa switching is done on the fly now
- Apply button in config
- some small bugfixes.

changes from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1:

- Search Fixes.
- A small bug in deleting a parent thread where the thread did not refresh.

here are some of the changes from 1.0 to 1.2:

- Message Threading
- A console client (cpronto)
- Refilter of folders or messages
- Filter hit counter
- Theme installer
- Themes are previewd with the first icon in the switch menu
- Wrapping problems fixed
- Prontosend and get should report errors to GUI also instead of STDOUT only
- CSCHtml support
- Search Improvements. - Lots of other new options and bug fixes that I can't remember !! Enjoy :)