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This section will be dedicated to how to do stuff like customize your X desktop. I've gotten a lot of messages from people asking me where did you get this and where did you get that. How did you do this and how did you do that. So I decided to put together this section .. For now, it is going to be like a little faq about my ScreenShots because I gotten enough questions to make one up :)

Here is a small util to switch gtk themes on the fly from the command line and with an optional gui preview

Checkout this page for a neat perl script to add a background to E's cache without having to restart.

Here is another Eterm perl script from DNAspark99 that not only randomizes but picks images from the directory you tell it to and sets other things intelligently.

What is that neat little MP3 player you got on your screenshots?

Believe it or not, that is XMMS. However, you need a plug-in made by Tim Ferguson to get it to use those skins which are native skins of Kjofol. Then get skins from Customize.org or SkinZ.org

Where do you get your backgrounds from ??

I mostly get them from DigitalBlasphmey.com or Tigert's site.
I tried to add descriptions to my screenshots now. When you view them you should see the info or when you place your mouse over the shot too.

WHAT.. you seem to have GKrellM monitoring two machines at one time, how do you do that?

Well, that's very easy .. I have two machines connected via ethernet and I run one GKrellM locally, then telnet or ssh to the other one which I had installed GKrellM in too, and excute gkrellm & in that machine too. In some cases when ssh or telnet doesn't set your display variable, export it like this:
export DISPLAY=host:0.0

How do you change your gnome-panel icons?

When Themes.org had the resources section up, I downloaded some icons and I just go to global properties and replace Gnome's stock icons with those. Rumor has it that the Resource's section at t.o will be back soon :-)

How do you get your panel so small !

I run the devel branch which allows that. Or ou can recompile your stable branch after you change in the panel directory, the file button-widget.c in the line that says #def icon_size_big 48 to 24.. recompile and you should be set. However, you won't be able to resize your panel after that. If you want to be able to resize, either run the devel branch or wait !!

How come you have different font and colors for Netscape?

This is controlled by your Xdefaults. In your home directory, there is a file called .Xdefaults which controls the colors of the widgets for your X programs. Netscape understands these variables. I change Netscape's colors according to my gtk theme. I always have nexus as my font too because I don't like the huge fonts that Netscape uses by default. If you only want to change the fonts in Netscape, append those lines to your ~/.Xdefaults:

Netscape*fontList: nexus
Netscape*XmTextField.fontList: nexus

If you want to change the fonts and the colors then download this file and append it to your .Xdefaults file. Change the color from gainsboro to whatever you like, use a utility like gcolorsel or something like that to browse the colors. Also, you can change the font to what ever you like.

How do you get your Eterm to shade and tint like that in your screenshots? and how come your logs are colored, I want mine like that too !

OK, I have some goodies for you guys, The shading/tinting is controlled by a perl script that calculates random shade/tint & levels/colors. If you run Eterm-0.8.9 then download this script. If you run Eterm from cvs, things have changed, then download this script.

Stick it in your home dir then chmod +x it to make sure it has executable permissions, edit the options which are self explanitory, You can change the font, the title or whatever. The program that is logging my logs in color is called Colortail. Get it and watch in color just like me, it happens to be the program I am using, there are a wealth of other programs that do the same thing at Freshmeat.net so look there for more.

Here is a menus.cfg for people with two mouse buttons to use with enlightenment contributed by DNAspark99

last Changes: 15. Jan. 2002