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This is the GKrellM skins repository - Recently, the repository converted all the themes to GKrellM's new format. I'd like to ask the authors to re-download the themes to have them in the new format. If someone has worked on a theme using the old format, Download this perl script and run it inside your theme dir and it will convert it automatically to the new format.

Here is a tarball of all the skins in the repository, created on Jan 29th, 2003.

If you have a submission to make, email it to me. Themers - read the this document.

A lot of people had emailed me some themes and I am going through them and will post them soon.. However, I would like to ask those who sent me URLs to make sure they either exist or send me an attachment instead to my email. I will be posting the new themes this week.

Updated the GKrellM all skin tarball - Get it by clicking this here or the link above

Added Two more themes Monkey Lovers and Niumx - this finishes all the pending themes that I had in my emails. If you have sent an ORIGINAL theme and you did not get an email from me or a letter asking you to re do your theme if its not original pls resend your themes.

Added 8 themes to the database and I probably have more to post once I get through sorting my mail. Sorry about keeping you guys waiting for them but I have been very busy lately. The 8 themes can be viewed by clicking this link choose 10 skins and click to see all of them. More to come soon hopefully.

Aagghh!! My provider's webmail lost some of my email, I saw that there were a couple of people who submitted themes - please resend those.


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MonkeyLovers by AshoxxNiumx by AlMilk by Dale DicksEgan by Thomas BouveTwilite by Matthew Bogosian

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