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Here are some of my Desktop ScreenShots .. All of them running Linux Ofcourse. My WindowManager is Enlightenment. Newest shots are first.

This is a shot of a debian sid box that I built to replicate a rare Pronto bug (that I replicated finally and fixed) its using the Orange Juice theme for E and Gtk. The GKrellM theme is QNX-X11 - The background also can be found at themes.freshmeat.net and its called Whole Fruit. The fonts are artwiz fonts - they are available as a debian package.

Demonstrating e17 and its iconbar with a beautiful background for the desktop and one for the filesystem view (both come with the e17 cvs checkout) XMMS skin is called Reality. GKrellM skin is SKirellm - Icons are standard GNOME icons plus my SkipStone icon.

A shot that demonstrates SkipStone

This is the first shot at my box at work. Running the usual goods and demonstrating a new Pronto feature that allows you to open folders in seperate views so you can read from more than one folder at one time. Also if you look closely at the foldertree new column youll see a button that you can detach the folder tree with :)

Look ma ! I am blue :) Its been a long time since my last shot and the
reason is that I am using an 800x600 laptop and I hate taking shots at low
resolution, I remembered the merge utility that I have though in
Imlib2::Perl bindings so I used it to make a composite of my 4 E desktops.
What you see here is a launcher (also available in Imlib2::Perl package in
cvs Enlightenment) I should release that soon, BlueHeart E theme, Eazel-Blue
Gtk+ theme, Pronto, SkipStone and GKrellM dressed in BlueHeart skin also.

Muhrisoft meets Gtk+ Inc.. read the pronto compose window for more info.

The backgrounds are from Tigert.gimp.org site, nice and flowery - E theme is Rebound - GKrellM is photon and minegue respectiviley, as well as the XMMS skin

BlackBox with Artwiz ClockWork theme - check his webpage out that boy is talented.. Reality skin on xmms from customzie.org and Pronto 1.2pre showing threads :)

Sawfish with Atkins STPshiny theme - Pronto! 1.0.0 not released yet step over to http://www.muhri.net/pronto to read more about it and a super bg plus the regulars..

Showing E 16.4 with two bgs layered (Not merged) using EFM :) superb work Raster.

Can you say Brushed ! GTK+ theme is BlueIce :) This is my first shot at 1600x1200 .. A nice friend bought me a 21" monitor!!

BlueSteel etheme, BloeStolen and BloeSteel GKrellM skins .. Xt skin for xmms and a background from misery.subnet.at.. Also Mozilla and CVS CSCMail

GTK etheme, GKrellM with OSX skin and BlueCyrus skins.. Xmms with phorce skin.. CSCMail, xchat, etc... most importantly EFM !! It rocks :) notice the desktop icons and the dir view ...

GTK+ etheme and GTK default theme -- Very simple shot, The gtk+ E theme is very very funtional .. I suggest you try it, also the background is from http://misery.subnet.at, GKrellM with E-Tech and BlueCyrus skins.. The XMMS skin is called Xt from customize.org

eSlate with a  background from misery.subnet.at. BlueCyrus GKrellM and eSlate GKrellM also chatting with Nolan ;)  author of eSlate etheme !

The new get-e etheme with its matching GTK and the two GKrellM skins .. background from digitalblasphmey called You are mine

Another shot of eSlate, this time with its GKrellM and gtk themes. The GKrellM skin on the left is BloeSteel. Background from Propaganda Vol13 and the usual Eterms & GIMP.. Along with GNOME panel from the devel branch showing off the tear off menu feature too.

eSlate etheme, with IceBerg GTK, Wintermute k-jofol skin, BlueSteel & Cyrus2 on GKrellM X-chat and my quick and dirty Iceberg-Eterm auto mode hack for eSlate!

BlueHeart etheme and GTK. Eterm in automode, GIMP, GKrellM with BlueHeart and Cyrus2. Netscape and background from tigert.gimp.org

Cyrus etheme, Cyrus GTK, GKrellM with cyrus skin on the right and SteelX on the left, background from http://tigert.gimp.org, Eterm and xmms with Vibrocentric kjofol skin

E, Absolute_E theme, ThinSkiSmoke GTK theme, GKrellM with defult skin on the right and Red skin on the left, xmms with phong kjofol skin, background from octobrx.com site called fatbob and Eterm

E, BlueHeart theme, ICEberg GTK, GKrellM with Cobalt skin on the right and Photon skin on the left, Eterm and Illusion K-jofol skin with xmms

E, StylE theme, DarkMarble GTK, GKrellM with sandymidnight skin on the right and concrete skin on the left, background from digitalblasphmey, Eterm and Xchat

E, BlueSteel theme, ICEberg GTK, GKrellM with bluesteel skin on the left and blue3d on the right, xmms with Vibrocentric Kjofol skin and Eterm

E, Cyrus theme, Cyrus GTK, GKrellM with SteelX skin, GIMP and Eterm

E, IW2 theme, 5 GTK theme, background from Propaganda, XMMS with Ultrafine skin, GKrellM with brushed skin and Eterm

E, c2h8 theme, ICEberg GTK, Eterm and dockapps

E, MinEgue theme, BlueGTk, Dockapps, and K9 GQmpeg skin

E with a digitalblasphmey background called majus, and Eterm

E, BrushedMetal, BlueGTK, XMMS with phorce skin, and Eterm

E, Absolute_E, Absolute_E GTK, Natalie background and some dockapps

E, BrushedMetal, Blue GTK, Propaganda background

last Changes: 15. Jan. 2002