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All my lists (cvs - pronto - and skipstone) are user lists now. Meaning no one can post unless they are subscribed. The reason I did this was to minimize SPAM. Currently, getting my Debian dist. updated and hope to incorporate the patches i recieved from many people to Pronto, Gtk Theme Switch and SkipStone and release new versions this summer.

Those of you who emailed me regarding SkipStone not compiling with mozilla releases > than 1.0.x. I have updated it to work and tested it with Mozilla 1.2.1. Please try it by clicking here and email me with your feedback so I can release it if it works for most of you.

As some of you reported - the GuestBook was not working. Fixed now.

Finally got to update GKrellMs section with some new skins. More to come and hopefully updates to Pronto & SkipStone. I have been real busy lately hence the absence of updates/releases. I got this new toy mid november also ;)

Added a MacOSX shot to the front page - If you are here reading this then you must have seen it already. SkipStone & Pronto both run on OSX just fine now. The release in CVS of SkipStone already has all the necessary patches to make it compile nativley on Darwin. Pronto was really easy, it just ran natively ;) Thanks to perl. If you are a CSV user though, you will have to modify a Makefile for the module SQL Statement. You are not supposed to be using CSV anyhow ;-)

Aagghh!! My provider's webmail lost some of my email, I saw that there were a couple of people who submitted themes - please resend those.

SkipStone 0.83 Released, go get it. In other news, I got me an Ibook!!! MacOSX is really cool.

Pronto 2.4.0 is out - Lots of fixes and improvements, take a look at them here

Added a new screenshot - I worked hard yesterday to setup a debain sid box that I used to fix a Pronto problem that bugged many users where it crashed when creating a new folder that is child of another. I was finally able to fix that bug and completely finish GnuPg support! There are also other features and fixes in teh current CVS which you can get from here Later on I will release this as Pronto 2.2.7. In the mean time I would like to ask as many users to test this tarball

Released SkipStone 0.8.2 go get it ;-)

SkipStone 0.8.1 is out, check the ChangeLog.

SkipStone 0.8.0 is out, go get it

SkipStone 0.7.8 is out, go get it and checkout the new goodies :)

Guestbook is back, I converted whatever I had from the entries to the new format of this new PHP based guestbook this time. Neat.

Added a short cut icon to muhri.net - Just because I wrote a FavIcon plugin for SkipStone that I will commit shortly :) Likey?

SkipStone 0.7.7 is out, go get it :)

The lists are back :) - You can resubscribe to all lists on muhri.net by sending a mail to pronto-subscribe for the Pronto list, skipstone-subscribe@muhri.net and cvs-subscribe@muhri.net for the CVS commits list. Those who subscribed recently, I will add by myself so if you get this address is already subscribed you know I added you cause you made a request lately.

Released SkipStone 0.7.6 go get it !!, The lists are still down.

I have been extremely busy lately, I know about some of the broken links on the site since I moved it to Occy.net, I will fix them soon. Also Prontos Page had release 2.2.5 info instead of 2.2.6 - I fixed that. I will be also releasing a new SkipStone soon with Mozilla 0.9.5 compatibility and CVS mozilla compatibility also. Pronto, SkipStone and the CVS mailing lists are all down at the moment but everything else is operational. Please mail me if you have a server that we can push the list mail through.

Released Pronto 2.2.6 with fixes for the billionth second sort problem since the UNIX epoch and other fixes ofcourse plus new features.. Get it here

Happy Birthday to me !!!!!! What a great present I got for my birthday, the FLU!!!!

SkipStone 0.75 is released - Go Get it !!

I'm back from France, I have 100's of emails, literaly.. I am going to dig through them today so most likely you are getting a reply if you sent an email today or tomorrow.. France was nice, lovely streets and great weather. I enjoyed it :)

I am in Paris, France since the 29th and will stay until the 11th of August. I wont be reading my email as often so be patient if you sent me mail... I wanna see the people that make this page :)

Downtime from the 19th to the 23rd, sorry about that guys.. Anyways everything is back up and running now.. If you sent me mail from the 20th on, I did not get it :( Resend it if it was important.

SkipStone 0.7.4 released, get it from here

SkipStone 0.7.3 is out to complement Mozilla 0.91 release, Get it from Here. Read the ChangeLog for the list of Changes. In other news, I bought a new VW Golf Generation 2.0 - Tried to take pictures of it to put up on the site only to find that my Kodak DC260 Digital Camera memory card got busted :(

I just got through reading this article at Linuxplanet, I liked it even though it sounds very angry but there are things that sometimes make me angry about the whole Ximian ,Eazel, Gnome, put yur company name or organization here mombojumbo and the FSF!

I went to Rotterdam for queensday and I met up with Freud - here is a pic, Freud is wearing an Orange Crown hoping to win a trip if his picture ends on the net ! it sure did end up here, hehe.

Yet another release of Pronto! This time @ 2.2.5 with small bugfixes and Support for PgSQL 7.1 bigtext fields.

Released Pronto! 2.2.4 today, I have nothing to say but that Pronto Kicks ASS :) Check the changelog here

Hmm, Now I released SkipStone 0.7.2 :) Check it out Here

I promise this will be the last release I make today, here is Gtk Theme Switch 1.0.1

New shot of my box at work, check it out :)

I am finally in the Netherlands and back with a net connection, I have lotsa and lotsa of mail to go through, I will try my best to reply to everybody and will post updates to the sites within the next week ...

Released Imlib2::Perl bindings, get them Here. Lots of examples are included including the launcher in my latest shot. In other news, amazingly still smoke free !!

over 24 hours and I am still resisting cigarettes, hehe I hope I can make it this time.. Guys, please .. pretty please if you have something to tell me about the site, broken links and etc.. EMAIL ME my email is easy muhri@muhri.net - I will delete and NOT respond to any guestbook entries that have to do with things about the site .. If you want something fixed EMAIL please.. Hmm. Maybe I need a cigarette after all.

Pronto! from cvs now has gettext support - if anybody wants to contribute a translation, please checkout from cvs and read the README in the locale dir

Well crap, my webhost lost my DB !!!!!!! so I had to upload an old snap that I have here - a quick recap, lots of Pronto! and SkipStone Releases ... Sorry bout that folks.

New Sites guys !!! finally .. Thanks to Mk for all the help

New SkipStone web page just got rolled, check it out !

New Release of SkipStone 0.2, its looking really nice :) check the ChangeLog.

Long time without an update, been busy coding Pronto! and now I made SkipStone check it out :)

Two new releases, one of Pronto! and one of GTK theme switch

Gtk-Theme-Switch 0.2 is out :)

I wrote a small util to switch gtk-themes from the command line with an optional gui also, check it out here also Pronto! 1.2.1 is released with a couple of small bugfixes, here

New shot and I released Pronto! 1.0.0 check it out.

For All of you who were looking for the CSCMail archives, they are here

Today we released CSCMail 1.6.0 officialy. As usual, you can get the installer from here to get rolling.

Well, No one reported bugs about the Installer Today however , someone finally reported a small bug.. its fixed now. It was not fatal or anything it just required you to restart it after it bombed out witha message :)

The CSCMail installer now reports progress ! with a neat progressbar, also it does not block the Gtk window anymore when its fetching or compiling something :) I would like to hear success/failure stories, email me.

Updated the installer with lots of little fixes and the logo built in it :) so grab it !

I found out that many people had problems with our 1.6 RPM for CSCMail. So I wrote this Installer. It will fetch everything including the sources to CSCMail, it is all you need to try it out. So no more execuses !!! Try it out and let me know what you guys think. Hint, chmod +x the file after you download it to execute. It requires wget, if you do not have that, you can supply it with another fetching utility like this, CSCMailInstaller.pl ncftpget

Well, a bunch of things ... first, I released a pre of CSCMail 1.6, I got my dual head working with X4. Check pictures here and here. Also I updated the Customization section with a little perl script for E 16.4. Check it out you may find it useful.

Just got back from a 4 day trip, if you emailed me, I am getting to it... Also changed the picture in the about me page to a less geeky one at my kid brother request :)

No I did not disappear from the face of the earth ! Just busy :) I finally updated my current shot. It shows how the current CSCMail state in CVS. 1.6 will be out soon :)

12 hours of downtime due to ISP !!! From 7:00pm till 7:00am !! and they said they were rebooting the router !! PLEASE

One of my favorite sites is back up, LinuxRocks Make sure you check it out, a lot of fun stuff...

CSCMail 1.4 was released today, check it out here

Happy New Year everybody, No Y2K problems here, he he

I changed the logo at muhri.net to match the rest for now. Also New shot !

Merry Christmas everybody !

OK !!! There was some one hour downtime .. However, Everything is fixed now !! bye bye bad nic !! Welcome new fast one..

I would like to thank Nolan GoodNight for tidying my table edge images, They look much sharper

erm ! More new logos.. look above :) and at customize page too !

Updated titles on select pages :)

Added a muhri.net logo to the front page thanks to Markus Kniebes

New site done - those of you who like the older site can still go here and still browse using the old format

last Changes: 15. Jan. 2002