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I find my self using gnomecc all the time to switch to themes that I know I like and that I know their names, its sort of an overkill to run control-center and choose the theme - hit apply, etc.. I always have a terminal open though :) so I wrote this command line util that you pass a theme dir and it will apply it just like gnomecc does. Also it has an optional GUI in Gtk like the one you see in the shot if passed the --preview or --dock switch.

To use it, download it and untar it - run make .. and make install if you like, then:

switch --help to see what options you can have or just run switch without arguments for the theme dock.

I hope you enjoy this little app. Comments and suggestions are welcome - email me muhri@muhri.net.


Debian packages or you can apt-get it if you use woody.
In this release :

  • Fixed 100%cpu usage when previewing a theme and window sizing being too obvious at startup.

    Gtk theme switch 2.0 Beta for Gtk+ 2.0:

    Download the second release Candidate here


    gtk-theme-switch-0.3.tar.gz this adds an install option at egggman's request and font switching from preview - consult the included README for usage info.

    gtk-theme-switch-0.2.tar.gz adds --dock option for a small dock window like you see on the shot, at biggy's request.

    gtk-theme-switch-0.1.tar.gz, this includes a binary also.
  • last Changes: 15. Jan. 2002